Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Beyond Pink

Putting the overwhelming Pink Mail Art response behind me, it is time to take a look at some of the non-pink mail art that has been coming in recently including a number of pieces from the folks up in Portland at the PDX Correspondence Coop.  Some recent arrivals include:
  1. A mail art map card arrived from lezbag.
  2. Edith Gillette also sent a card from Portland.
  3. Torma Cauli continues the green theme that perhaps intentionally complements some of my own recent work.
  4. Marina Salmaso sent a new collage postcard.
  5. The crocodiles are feasting on the jewels in Dean Marks latest piece.
  6. Steve Howell’s postcard has a nice collection of never-used old postage stamps.
  7. Jodi is requesting a reply.
  8. Llana Swinks postcard features the groovy little mailster.
  9. Ann Symons card included an artist stamp with a cat.  You can never go wrong with cats.
  10. Miss Polly sent a handmade envelope with vintage postage and a postal note inside.
  11. An altered postcard from Sagebrush Moderne.
  12. Some mail art greenness from A.J. Dell’Aringa
  13. A minimalist postcard from e. coles in England.
  14. A new image with Sutro Tower from Joshua A. Dellinger

Thank you for the mail art, more keeps arriving and I’ll post it soon.

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